About Us

For decades you’ve known us as the AIDS Action Coalition. Our clients in North Alabama have benefited from our comprehensive medical care, prevention education, substance abuse and mental health services, housing services, and advocacy activities. The services we provide are possible thanks to a variety of grants and the continuing support of donors in our community. Thanks to advances in medicine, people with HIV are living longer, healthier lives. That’s one reason we have changed our name to Thrive Alabama. Our goal is to improve the lives of people living with HIV — emphasis on living.  

Thrive Alabama Services

Comprehensive Medical Care
  • HIV and Primary Care
  • Laboratory Services
  • Comprehensive Medical Case Management
    • Medication Assistance
    • Budgeting
    • Appropriate Referrals for Dental, Mental Health
  • Specialty Referrals to Physicians for ex: diagnosis for Oncology, Gastro, etc.
  • Mental Heath Care
    • Psychiatrist/ one day per week
    • Individual Mental Health/full time
  • Support Groups
    • New Patient
    • Women’s
  • Transportation
  • Translation
    • 4 Staff who speak Spanish
    • 1 Staff who is certified as a translator
Prevention Education
  • On and Off site Testing
  • Linkage to Care staff – to easily help a person through the system of healthcare
  • Specialty Programs
    • Women Who are Partners of Incarcerated Men – Weekend Retreat for women
    • Healthy relationships – Weekend Retreat for People Who are living with HIV who want to work on problems of disclosure, denial, prevention
  • Youth Education – SMASH – Student Movement Against Stigma and Hate – A youth focused education group to educate other youth
Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse Treatment for Men Who Have Sex With Men between the ages of 18 – 29
  • Ongoing Mental Health Treatment and Substance Abuse aftercare
  • 22 pieces of Housing located in Florence, Athens and Huntsville
  • HOWPA – emergency short term housing assistance
  • Train clients to advocate for themselves
  • CEO performs Advocacy on the state and federal level