Use this letter as the foundation for your communication with a legislator:

Dear Representative (Insert Name) Or Dear Senator (Insert Name) Room # Montgomery, Alabama

Dear (Insert Name)

We realize that this is going to be a very difficult year with budget shortfalls and deficits. I urge you to take a look at this important funding. I am writing to ask you to continue to support AIDS services in Alabama and expanded Medicaid. Legislators should be commended for past support and urged to continue to fund medication programs and HIV services. This is important to me and to all citizens who live in Alabama.

We now know that people with HIV and AIDS who are taking medications and are undetectable are 96 % less likely to infect others.

Add your own story or those you advocate for: **EXAMPLE BELOW**

I am a person living with HIV/AIDS. I receive my medications from the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Without these life saving drugs there would be no hope for a quality of life for me and others living with HIV/AIDS virus.

Today we are asking for $5.2 million from the 2016 Alabama General Fund Budget for AIDS Drug Assistance and AIDS services. This money is essential to preventing the spread of the virus.

  • Caring for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Also asking for $500,000 to continue education to our young people.
  • Reducing future infections by keeping patients on medications.
  • Expanded Medicaid in Alabama. (Please make this your key talking point )

I wish to thank you in advance for all your previous support and continued commitment to people living with HIV/AIDS in Alabama.

Sincerely, Your Info Here

Our Mission

Thrive Alabama is committed to ending the AIDS epidemic by preventing new HIV infections and providing comprehensive care to those living with the disease.
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