Case Management: Housing

Housing Help for You

There are several housing program options available to clinic clients, as well as, one program specifically for disabled individuals living in the Shoals community. Our clients have to access six different programs for housing and/or utility assistance. If you are a client or potential client and are in need of housing assistance, contact your social worker. Your social worker will work with you to address any emergency housing needs before referring you to our housing case manager for further assistance.

Housing Assistance

The number one form of assistance provided to our clients is rental/mortgage assistance through Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA). There are two forms of HOPWA, Long-Term and Short-Term.

LONG-TERM HOPWA permanent housing assistance offered to clients that are able to receive monthly rental assistance.

SHORT-TERM HOPWA available for clients with an emergency to provide rental/mortgage assistance up to four times per year.

Permanent Housing

There is permanent housing available through two programs: Shelter Plus Care (S+C) and Supportive Housing Program (SHP). These two programs are available to clients for a portion of monthly assistance with rental payment to qualified individuals. S+C requires the client to access their HIV care through The Davis Clinic and their mental health care through the Madison County Mental Health Center. SHP requires the individual to have a current qualified disability. This program is available to both HIV-negative and HIV-positive disabled individuals. The clients also have access to a one-time assistance to assist with accessing housing through MAC AIDS Funds. The homeless client can receive assistance with setting up the apartment in the form of deposits and first month’s rent as well as utilities up to a fixed dollar amount in order to obtain permanent, stable, and safe housing.


If you have any questions regarding housing assistance please contact your social worker 256-536-4700 to set up an appointment for additional housing information. Your social worker can discuss your needs and explain what is needed to qualify for available programs.

Our Mission

Thrive Alabama is committed to ending the AIDS epidemic by preventing new HIV infections and providing comprehensive care to those living with the disease.
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